Engraving & Inscribing

We offer inscribing on most of our paperweights and some of our glass pendants.  We do not offer it on any of the silver or crystal resin jewelry.  A short inscription, done by hand (often with a Dremel) can be added on the bottom of the Spirit Piece.  If you want to add a longer message than what's available you can get an award stand for your purchase from your local Award store and have that engraved in lieu of the inscribing directly on the paperweight.

We offer an engraving option on the Memorial Flames only.  Engraving in this context is done by sandblasting on the flat face of a base we attach the flame to.  Up to 30 characters on the 4.5" flame and 45 characters on the 7" flame (3 lines) can be added.  We will send you a form to fill out if you elect to get an engraved flame.

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