Caged Galaxy with Opal

Can we replace the glass cabochon?

Yes, there are small nuts on the back of the cage that can be unscrewed.

What color is the background?

The background is a mix of very dark blues; the vibrant color comes from the gold and silver fuming that is mixed into the clear part of the glass.  The amount of fuming will affect how much 'color' shows; you can certainly ask for more fuming than less when you add to cart to check out.

What does the large opal look like?

The large opal will look slightly larger.

What is Fuming

Fuming is where elemental silver and gold is heated over the flame to add colorful highlights into the glass.  Gold fuming will add more pinks and golds where silver fuming will add more blues and greys.  Fuming patterns are random and each piece will have a unique fuming pattern.

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