Replaceable Marbles

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How Large Are the Marbles?

The marbles will be 10mm to 20mm depending on selected setting.

How Secure are the Settings?

Once secured to the setting, the marbles will stay secure UNLESS the setting is stretched or otherwise distorted, such as what might happen if it hits a hard surface or is played with.  For the rings, in certain circumstances, the setting diameter will increase the point a marble can fall out.  We suggest that periodically giving the setting a small pinch to resolve stretching issues.  If you do not plan to replace the marble, we suggest adding a dab of jewelers glue to the setting's border with the marble to further secure

Will the Color of the Cremains Impact Color of The Marble?

Our sample pictures were taken with light cremains.  On occasion, cremains can be darker due to residual organic matter.  In these cases, when mixed with the molten glass the color will darken.  This effect is particularly noticeable with solid opaque colors, particularly aqua and light blue.  The marble below started with a light blue color base with darker cremains.

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