Placing a Family or Group Order

Often our orders are for families and friends of the family.  To help facilitate this, we suggest the following work flow:

  1. Select a single person to be in 'charge' of the ordering process.
  2. That person should email/post online to all those concerned they will be organizing a group order.  The website should be shared at that time.  We suggest setting a deadline for people to respond.
  3. This email should include a mention that the cost will be not only the cost of the item, but a share of the shipping and taxes.  Part of this cost will be identified when you check out.  Part of it will be when you go to the post office to pay for the kits.  A single kit goes to each artist, regardless of how many people ordered from that artist.  However, if everyone orders from one artist (i.e. Robert) and then a single person orders from five additional artists, that single person should be responsible for the costs of those five additional artists.  We ask you send priority express with signature, this cost is $26 per kit.
  4. Have people email you back the link to the item(s) they want along with any customization/inscription requests (if relevant) and color/size selections.  Copy this information into a master document.  Alternatively you could create a google doc and allow everyone to edit it.  You can also ask them to put in their address at this stage if you don't have it.
  5. Clicking on the provided links, add the various items to your cart.
  6. Place your order.
  7. Email us at with the address mapping of which item goes to where.  We may at this time ask for additional payment of $10 per extra address if multiple people ordered from the same artist.

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