Will my Spirit Piece look exactly like the listing picture?

There are a lot of factors that come into play for this question. Here are some examples of things that affect the photograph you see on the site:

  • Direct light color temperature
  • Ambient light color temperature 
  • Light direction
  • Background
  • Camera used
  • Lens used
  • Monitor that the picture is viewed on
  • Inherent color variability in materials used to create the Spirit Piece 
  • Inherent differences in Spirit Piece creation techniques and concentration of elements
  • Bubbling from Cremains and creation process.

Taking these things into account, there are many reasons that the listing's picture may look different from the piece you receive and photos you take of your own piece. Because of these variables that are out of our control, we do not offer refunds based on aesthetic differences from the listing picture.  The exception to this rule would be if there was a mistake on our end (for example, a rare instance where an artist accidentally uses the wrong color, or if there are exceptional differences from the listing picture [i.e. the example piece has color dispersed throughout 75% of the piece, and you received a Spirit Piece with only a few wisps of color]).

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