Sterling Silver Jewelry Turning Finger Green

Sometimes fingers turn green because of metal allergies, but it's not common to be "allergic" to sterling or the small amount of copper in sterling. Silver can occasionally turn the wearer's skin green based on the ph levels of their body chemistry, atmospherical conditions (more humid, salt in air if by an ocean, etc.), soaps and sanitizers, medical conditions or medicines, consumption of acidic foods, chlorine in pools or hot tubs, cigarette smoke, etc. This, unfortunately, is just something (funky) that can happen with any piece of jewelry every now and again. Here is a link that contains some more useful information if you care to read about it:

If any piece of jewelry ever turns your finger, we can assure you the color is 100% harmless, although we understand it is unsightly. We suggest removing the ring and washing your hands with a mild soap and then wash the ring really well with an old toothbrush and water (avoid any stones) to remove whatever it may have come in contact with. 

Once they are both completely dry, you will likely be good to go. If it's due to an internal reason like acid foods or medicines, painting the inside of the ring with a clear nail polish can help. One last piece of advice would be to keep the ring stored in a cool, dry place when not being worn and clean often with a jewelry polish cloth. All rings are solid sterling silver and is made using premium materials from a very trusted source. Some have rhodium coatings (platinum family- hypoallergenic). Please see the item's detail listings to read more about the materials used in each item.

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