The Collection Kit

Once you place you're order we'll send you a collection kit in the mail via USPS.  We usually will have the kit in the mail within 2 business days; and you should have it within 3-4 business days after we ship.  In the kit you will find

  • Express mailer(s) with an attached scatter letter and a work order inside the mailer
  • A copy of the invoice
  • Shipping instructions
  • A welcome letter with the artist(s) address
  • A spatula straw to transfer the cremains
  • A vial and baggie labeled with your order information
  • A cremains label
  • An address label

The plastic vial has a line on it indicating where to fill; we only use a little so only a fraction of the tube will be filled unless you're ordering a significant amount of items.

Once you fill the vial to the necessary amount, put it in the baggie and seal it.  Then put the baggie and scatter instruction letter in the express mailer.  You will find the work order already in the express mailer.  You can then take this, the address label and cremains sticker, to the post office.  The address label and cremains sticker are placed on the same side of the mailer; but we suggest just letting the post office take care of that.  We do not cover the cost of sending the cremains to the artist, shipping is for the kit to you and finished products to you.

Please note that if you're ordering a glass figurine that comes with a silver keepsake, or if you're ordering a silver pendant, there is no kit; you would add the cremains yourself.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at or call 512-487-7250; we're happy to help.

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